17 July 2008

The case of the missing mail key

So Miss Zoe has decided to relocate our only mail key. I really must take the blame here. We walked down to the mailbox together on Monday night and I let her carry the key all the way there and back. She was proud of the responsibility. I failed, however, to take the key away from her when we got back home. J recalls seeing her with it that night but he also failed to take it away from her perhaps assuming that I had some kind of handle on the situation. Which is in hindsight probably not the best assumption at this point.

Regardless of fault we've scoured the house for it. Zoe tries to offer suggestions as to where she might have put it. I've only asked her about 40 times this morning and finally she became really frustrated with me and said "Well it might be somewhere, mama!"

Miles knows where it is but he's not telling.