21 June 2008

More visitors and more poop

Rebecca came by today to meet Junebug. She brought a delicious pasta salad for which we were extremely grateful. She did a fabulous job of entertaining Zoe as well. Somehow she managed to coerce Zoe into sleeping on the futon in the nursery after reading a few books together. Zoe must sense that Rebecca is a good person because she's not usually so trusting.

Junebug lost his cord today on day 4 - the same as Zoe. He had a few long naps in the morning but nursed all evening long. We're changing diapers about every minute, it seems. He gets pretty riled up about wet diapers. Or perhaps it's that quite a few of them are flourescent pink.

Today Jesse also got some kind of postpartum paternal nesting instinct and he cleaned out the closet and rearranged the bedroom so we could set up the cosleeper. The snuggle nest isn't really needed this time around as I'm the one to get up with Junebug most of the time.