19 June 2008

Meet and Greet

Today Andrea stops by to meet the little guy. She's duly impressed, of course. Roger and Rachel come by after dinner. Andrea and Rachel brought a fancy pair of shoes as my push present. Perhaps they are as tired of my two pairs of flip flops as I am.

Grace came over to play with Zoe for the whole morning. Jesse and I are truly considering letting the Fowlers foster Zoe for awhile or something. They have done very well with their kids and we can only hope to turn out offspring as mature, intelligent, and well-mannered as they are. Grace managed to keep Zoe under control for a number of hours until Zoe was so beside herself that we had to resort to a Yo Gabba Gabba episode. Jesse reported that Grace took it upon herself to unload the dishwasher and bring some sense of order back to the kitchen. She is thirteen. She's a keeper.