26 June 2008

Junebug's first car ride!

Today mom and I took Junebug to Target. What better place to celebrate our first outing? I had a little list of minor essentials and didn't want to bug Jesse with them after work. Fortunately the little guy slept the entire time in the Moby wrap...hardly a peep out of him! I hope I can get the hang of my new Ellaroo woven wrap, because the Moby is awfully hot in this summer weather. Of course, to keep Zoe happy we ended up coming home with fabulous Made in China plastic toys. Miss Zoe doesn't know the difference of course - she's perfectly pleased with her new "Missus Tertatoped".

Junebug would sleep a lot if I let him at this point. He has been sleeping a four-hour stretch at night and even a few during the day. He still has issues getting latched on but once on he nurses well.